Powernet Shapewear with Shaping Rods & Bones Colombian Fajas

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YARU makes Colombian Shapewear in Powernet with Shaping Rods for those women who want to shape and contour their figure and look more beautiful and slender:


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Advantages of Shapewear with shaping rods

Colombian girdles with shaping rods have several advantages that make them popular among women. Some of them are:

  • They mold your figure, to look more stylized.
  • They improve your posture, correct curved backs.
  • They hide the extra rolls, compress and make the body look more contoured in those areas.
  • They flatten the abdomen, apply constant pressure, train the frontal muscles.
  • They highlight the buttocks, round them and make them look firmer.
  • They shape the hips and thighs, shapely, perfect, youthful.
  • They help in healing in the case of post-surgical girdles, you should consult your surgeon.
  • They relieve the weight of the abdomen after pregnancy in the case of postpartum girdles, they recover the shape.

Evolutionary design of the Strips

Colombian girdles have evolved a lot in recent years to adapt to the different body types of women in different countries.

Since its origin in the time of Catherine de Medici, Queen Consort of France, around the end of the 17th century, girdles have gone through many changes and improvements to become what they are today.

In Colombia there are hundreds of molds with different characteristics to adapt to the needs of each woman.

Colombian girdles are known for their excellent quality of supplies and professional labor. In addition, they are very popular all over the world and their exports have increased by 18.2% in the year 2023.