Wasp Waist & Hourglass Colombian Shapewear

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This is the group of YARU Shapewear most desired by women, this type of shapewear makes a harmonious and striking body stand out even more, where the waist is small and the hips are wide:

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Characteristics and Advantages of the Wasp Waist and Hourglass Shapewear from Colombia

  • They compress up to two times more than the mold of a normal girdle
  • In the waist area it is up to two sizes smaller than the hips
  • It is mainly recommended for women who have guitar-shaped bodies.
  • It is ideal for women with small waists and large hips and/or buttocks.
  • They are the girdles most used by women who undergo abdominoplasty
  • You should review the size chart that YARU has for these special molds
Wasp Waist & Hourglass Shapewear YARU Colombian fajas wholesaler factory

YARU has developed the “Wasp Waist” molds or also called “Hourglass” or “Guitar Body” thinking of those women who have a prodigious body with a small waist, wide hips and large buttocks.

The design of these molds has been perfected with the experience gained over the years and it is a pleasure for us to export millions of copies to thousands of wholesalers who contact us every month.

Colombian girdles designed for the buttocks for enhancement not only have pads or reinforcements in this area of the body, but also use a special Heart Shape molding that allows an effect of even greater volume and firmness.

In addition, some girdle models include “enhancing tweezers” that help to flatter the buttocks upwards for an even more natural and attractive effect.

Below you will find the Size Scaling Chart for the Wasp Waist or Watch Shaper molds:

These characteristics, combined with the high quality of the materials and the adequate compression, make the Colombian girdles with buttock design an excellent option to enhance and shape the figure, especially in this area of the body.