YARU Colombian Manufacturer Confection SwimWear

YARU has designed this new line of Making Colombian Swimwear, we have unicolor fabrics and sublimated fabrics. Our factory has been developing this project for the last three years, we have perfected all the processes, where the entrepreneur can choose our molds and our fabrics.

At the moment we are not developing custom molds


Request the catalogs via Whatsapp +57 3122525303

Our Nylon Power and Bahia fabrics have undergone extensive testing and are guaranteed for use in fresh and salt water.

Write Us and We will contact you to advise You and send you all the complete information:

    YARU Confection of Colombian Bathing Dresses wholesale

    Next We explain how is the process to manufacture your beachwear with the YARU factory:

    Step 1: Choose the Molds and Fabrics; The employer must choose the molds for the Tops and Pantyhose, also the colors and textures of the fabrics (found in catalog # 4). Each mold and each fabric has its specific code.

    Step 2: Cups for Tops; You must inform us if you want the Tops with glasses, and also if you want internal labels with your logo (brand), to be able to quote with shipping to your city or country.

    Step 3: Your brand or logo; You must inform us if you want the swimsuits to have their logo printed on the internal label, for this you must have a high quality logo and send it to our email artes@yaru.co to analyze it and make a quote.

    Step 4: Determine the sizes and quantities; The employer must determine the sizes and quantities with which he wishes to make the swimsuits.

    Step 5: Request a quote; A request must be sent in the “quotation format” in an organized and clear way to the email artes@yaru.co

    Step 6: Approve the Quotation and Request an invoice; Once you receive the quotation you must approve it in writing and the invoice will be sent to you via email and it will be confirmed via whatsapp.

    Step 7: Pay the bill; YARU will send the formal invoice via email and payment details.

    Step 8: Manufacturing; Once we confirm the payments, the production starts, the times range from 5 to 25 working days, the times vary depending on the quantity of products to be made, these times are specified in the quotation and in the invoice.

    Step 9: Completion of the preparation; YARU makes photographic and video records of the packaging of the merchandise that is sent by DHL, Fedex or Copa Courier to each city or country and is shared with the entrepreneur.

    Step 10: Tracking code; Air tracking code is shared to the entrepreneur via email or whatsapp.

    Step 11: Tracking the merchandise; Tracking is carried out until the arrival of the merchandise to the city or country of destination of the entrepreneur.

    We recommend all entrepreneurs to request a quote for the preparation of samples, with this step the entrepreneur can corroborate the quality of the design, fabrics, clothing and know first hand the logistics of merchandise shipments with YARU.

    NOTES: Consider the following.

    • YARU can make: Bikinis (2 pieces), Trikinis (3 pieces) and Bodysuits (1 piece).
    • The realization of new molds takes between 12 and 35 business days.
    • Only on the “Bahia Blanca Sublimada” fabric can your logo be sublimated on the outside.
    • The Tops and Pantyhose have an inner lining in fabric: Zanzibar or Lycra unicolor (Embonado).

    SwimWear with private label (Your Brand)

    YARU can make swimsuits with your brand, your logo will be printed in black or in several colors on a satin label, which will be sewn on the inside of each garment.

    YARU can make at least 30 swimsuits with your brand

    You must have a digital logo in high quality, in JPG, PNG, PSD, AI, CDR or TIFF formats, which you must send to our email: artes@yaru.co, so that we can make a montage on the label in format digital and thus be able to quote.

    YARU Basic Swimsuit Molds

    YARU has designed and made several basic swimsuit molds, of which we have several in inventory, which you can see the availability and prices in the following link:

    Available Inventory – Swimwear: http://bit.ly/2uk3Rkc

    In that link you will find dresses in unicolor fabrics and sublimated fabrics, in case you want our molds but with some change in the mold, colors or textures, then you must request a quote in the excel format.

    Processes for the design and making of the Bathing Dresses

    Our line of Bath Dresses is developed based on the following procedures:

    Design: We have the collaboration of designers and fashion designers linked to our YARU factory, with 9 years of experience we have the sufficient baggage for the production of a wide range of patterns for the manufacture of 100% Colombian SwimWear.

    Confection: Our team of collaborators is trained for a high quality production export type, all our processes are linked to a rigorous “confection plan”, where all the details are taken into account. Our machines and supplies allow Us to manufacture dresses for bathrooms that meet all expectations.

    Molds and Patterns: Our first task in each new project, is the perfect last, that is why We have been perfecting with different sizes and shapes of bodies each mold of the swimsuits, so that it meets the needs of each Colombian woman and women all over the world.

    Finishes and Decoration: We are able to attach decorative details manually and others with machines, so that your garments have a personal touch, that differential over other brands.

    Cutting and Optimization of material: Our years of experience allow Us to make efficient use of inputs, We have various techniques and procedures that allow optimized use of fabrics, closures, lace and finishes in the process of manufacturing SwimWear.

    Quality Control: From the moment We receive the order from the employer, We request all the details for a correct preparation, during the manufacturing process We control every detail to provide an optimal result in each project of maquila of costumes and Colombians Swimwear .

    We also manufacture Latex, Powernet and Neoprene girdles, as well as SportsWear in Supplex, Lycra, Morelo, Meshtex and other fabrics.