YARU COLOMBIAN WAIST MANUFACTURE brings you this interesting post for you to know firsthand the Colombian Shapewear and wholesale prices, it is our intention with this article to convey all the experience we have gathered from the sale of strips wholesale for the past 6 years of marketing and export everyone authentic Colombian girdles.

This Colombian factory makes international shipments (with insurance) to all countries by DHL, FEDEX and COPA COURIER.
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    Options for “private label”

    Design & printing of labels with your logo in “Nylon” black ink or “Satin” in full color, 2.5 cm x 5.5 cm.
    Waisttrainers, Fajas & Shapewear: minimum stock 12 units or new productions (min 30 units).
    Sportswear: minimum stock 12 units or new productions (min 60 units).

    Computerized embroidery of logos.
    Waisttrainers, Fajas & Shapewear: minimum stock 30 units or new productions (min 30 units).
    Sportswear: minimum stock 30 units or new productions (min 60 units).

    Sublimation of logos (heat printing) on the outside of each product
    Waisttrainers: applies to latex Waisttrainers or lycra-lined belts, new productions (min 30 units).
    Sportswear: applies to Sublimated Supplex fabric, new productions (min 60 units).

    Design & printing of the covers with your logo, hanging labels, appliqués, labels, flyers and catalogs.
    Waisttrainers, Fajas & Shapewear: minimum stock 30 units or new productions (min 30 units).
    Sportswear: minimum stock 30 units or new productions (min 60 units).

    Bag with sticker with your logo, polyethylene plastic (high density plastic) with hook for hanging.
    Belts: minimum inventory 12 units or new productions (min 30 units).
    Sportswear: minimum inventory 12 units or new productions (min 60 units).

    Bag for sportswear and swimsuit, medium density polyethylene and plastic closure.
    Personalized packaging for the commercialization of girdles and sportswear.

    Advice, design and quotation of your logo or brand for your company or business.

    Advice for the import and export of girdles, nationalization of textile products.
    White label service, labeling of girdles and sportswear with own brand in satin, printed or sublimated.

    Advertising photography with models for the girdles in the studio and commercial videos.

    Minimum 50 photos in Fajas, Faisttrainers & Sportswear.


    To guide you better in your import process, we have created this table of contents where information is organized schematically:


    This is a video about the “Colombian latex vest”

    1. How to get the catalogs of Colombian Waist Wholesale?

    Our company is constantly producing, marketing and exporting different types of strips in latex, neoprene, powernet, polyester, you expand among other materials and designs such as casual, sports, post surgical, post maternal, corrective, waist trimmer, waist training corset, waist shaper, waist cinchers, waist belt, waist corset, latex waist and more. Write to us in our form (click here) for entrepreneurs and we’ll be sending email catalogs in PDF as soon as possible form, in it you will find photographs of the garments and different rates, in Colombian pesos (COP) and dollars US (USD), along with a brief description of each product.

    2. Production service for Waist Trainer girdles

    Here are some of our services:

    • Design and we made strips in neoprene, latex, spandex and powernet
    • All items come in a polythene bag with plastic hook
    • Design and advice of your corporate branding
    • Creation and printing of covers for the bag

    3. How are built the authentic Colombian Waist Trainers?

    Depending on the material and designs, also they are built girdles, then we will present a set of images to see the details of the garments and appreciate their finishes.

    The waistbands and jackets can have 2, 3 or 4 rows of hooks, belts 2 rows belong to the classics, the 3 rows are the most commercialized in South America and Central America and North America, 4 rows They are the most sought after in Europe and Asia.

    The molding rods are built into rings super-placed soldiers in stainless aluminum, the rounded edge of these is usually the waistbands and jackets have 4 rods, 2 forward and 2 reverse.

    Colombian original sashes manufactured by YARU COLOMBIAN WAIST have the original marquilla your brand “wasp waist” stamped in satin material himself in a small marquilla is the number or letter size.

    The body shaper, shapers, thermal and posture correction are built in different materials such as latex, powernet, polyester, neoprene, you expand, nylon and neopower. Each material must have appropriate seams for perfect grip of the pieces forming the girdle.

    The different seams with which the Colombian Waist are designed are:

    • Superimposed seam
    • Sewing underhanded
    • Sewing Bondeada
    • Sewing Plana
    • Decorative or Ornamental stitch sewing
    • Bordered Sewing
    • Sewing Union of separate elements
    • Sewing Simple construction

    Also we recommend to request a sample, which you send to your country (payment), once the samples you have in your hands, check the clothes well and solve your doubts with commercial agents of the Colombian girdles factory.

    4. As import Waist Trainer from Colombia directly with a factory?

    Seek advice on corsets: It is our great interest you make a successful import from Colombia, so we have arranged various means to communicate you with us, like email, 2 mobile numbers, WhatsApp and chat on the web; Click here for contact details.

    Ordering via email: Once you have in your hands catalogs belts and whether you’re interested in importing, make a formal request via email, listing references organized fashion, colors and sizes; if possible attached photographs of the products to request. Please specify your full name, city and country where you want to send you girdles.

    Receive quote and bill payment: Once we receive your request for quote, we will be sending you over a period of 8-24 working hours. We try where possible to quote you with the most reliable and economical shipping companies. After we approve the quote will be sending the bill to pay.

    Payment options: To make payments within Colombia, or bank transfers can appropriations. If you are outside Colombia you owe performed by Wester Union. Once you make the payment you must send us a photo of the receipt to email, where you clearly see the record number, date of consignment and name of the person who performed the transaction.

    Shipping methods for corsets: In the last six years we have made shipments by companies girdles: 4-72 (E Postal Colombia), DHL, Courier Cup, UPS, TNT, Send, Servientrega and fast. Depending on the country where you are certain companies have more favorable rates, for example Copa Courier company has good rates for Central America; Now another variable is the time of delivery, such as DHL delivers goods between 3 and 5 business days (higher rate), on the other hand the company has 4-72 delivery times between 15 and 20 working days (lower rate) . Once YARU the sending of products, you share the code guide for you to track merchandise.

    Receipt of goods and payment of taxes: Before the strips reach your city, these go through two revisions, first at the office of Colombia, then at the office of your country. Then a shipping company will contact you and inform you about the fee for taxes your country has provided your merchandise.

    If your country has an agreement of free trade agreement (TLC) with Colombia, taxes are much lower, also there are two variables for imports and exports wholesale:

    He sent Courier type: The goods weighing less than 80 klgs and is valued at less than $5,000 USD (US dollar), this type of import you done with the payment of taxes, depending on the country and the company that made you delivery, can be door to door or in an office of that company. This procedure can perform the individual or a company.

    He sent Cargo type: It is that more goods to 80 klgs of weight and valued at more than $5,000 USD (US dollars) to release the load must pay taxes and should be performed by a broker (customs agency), this procedure it they can make individuals or companies. So if you import Colombian bands exceeds 80 klgs or $5,000 USD, we recommend looking for a trusted broker in your country to help you with this import.

    5. What types of Waist Trainer and Shapewear there?

    Casual wear girdles: If you want to use the belts to wear dresses, blouses, nightgowns or other garments, you should use latex girdles and polyester.

    Girdles sporting use: For physical or sports activities, you must use Waist Trainer in neoprene and nylon alloys, this combination makes the belts are thermal and high strength.

    Girdles corrective use: Garments that are used to after surgery are post-surgical and post-partum-belts, made in Powernet, which is an alloy between you expand and nylon.

    Stage 1 girdles: They are those that are used immediately after plastic surgery.
    These have the function of retaining the fluids secreted by the body, they are generally made in thin flannels.

    Stage 2 girdles: They are used 1 or 2 weeks after surgery, they are to shape and retain the skin and muscles in their natural positions.
    They are also used to compress and shape the different areas of the body, they are manufactured in powernet, polyester lycra, cotton lycra and polyamides.

    6. How to know which Waist Trainer should I use?

    According to the above point it has already been defined 3 classes in which the strips, so if the use is casual divide, waistbands should use latex and latex vests.

    If use is sporty, you must use the waistband neoprene, neoprene vest, trousers neoprene, latex belt belt xtreme xtreme power or belt.

    For post-surgical use you should use the bodys PowerNet, short PowerNet, boyshort PowerNet among other variables.

    7. What is my size in girdles?

    All bands come in different sizes like S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL. Usually women are of equal size in belt and blouse, this applies for corsets that shape the waist.

    8. How I can get bands with the brand of my company?

    Our factory has its own brand of belts, “wasp waist”, but for those entrepreneurs around the world also have the option of maquilar garments (girdles label with your brand).

    Option 1: We make labels “satin”, a material that is an alloy between silk and nylon, where your company logo can be printed or embroidered, for policies YARU imports into the bottom of the label should say “Hecho en Colombia” or “Made in Colombia”. For the maquiladora there is a minimum amount of bands that is stipulated in the catalog.

    Option 2: You can purchase a minimum of girdles “unbranded” and in your country maquiladora perform the process.

    9. What is the guarantee and quality of Colombian strips?

    Girdles before being marketed and exported are checked 3 times at the factory and 2 times in the export office in the city of CALI, latex compound on the strips is vulcanized, fabrics are sewn with industrial flat machines and internal rods they are built in stainless steel.

    10. Which countries have been exported from Colombia girdles?

    YARU COLOMBIAN WAIST TRAINER MANUFACTURER exported girdles to Spain, Chile, Peru, Panama, Argentina, Costa Rica, United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, England, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Switzerland and many other countries; and United States cities: Charleston, Nevada, Trenton, Southdakota, Kansas, Newyork, Chicago, Michigan, los Angeles, Oregon, Florida, New Yersey, Pennsylvania, ColombianWaist.com, California and others.

    11. Recommendations for use and washing of girdles

    YARU has listed the different recommendations for use and washing of Powernet Girdles and Latex Waistbands.


    1. The girdles are for intimate use, try to wash it only 2 times a week with mild soap, thus avoiding deterioration and prolonging its useful life.
    2. If you are a new user to the use of girdles, it is recommended to use them moderately in the beginning. After 2 weeks, prolong the use of these types of products as you become familiar with the pressure exerted by them. In case of being affected in any way, by respiratory problems or low back pain, STOP the use of any type of girdle and visit your trusted specialist doctor.
    3. You must wear the same or similar size to your blouse or shirt size.
    4. You should never use a smaller or smaller size, since forcing the product will reduce the quality of life, due to the greater pressure exerted on the fabrics, hooks and closures.
    5. The girdles and waistbands (waist trainers) are products that help reduce the flaccidity of the stomach, help to maintain a correct posture of the back and keep the skin and muscles in their natural form. They counteract the effect that gravity has on the human body.
    6. Girdles should never be expected to reduce sizes or help you lose weight.
    7. To reduce weight or sizes, the person must reduce the ingestion of sugars, saturated fats and white flour; a good physical activity (cardiovascular exercises) also helps to lose weight, another good option is lipo-reducing massages accompanied by hot gels. After performing these activities, the use of girdles is highly recommended, to help the body maintain its correct shape.
    8. Do not use girdles in the following states: pregnancy, lung problems, rib damage or the like. You should consult a specialist doctor who will inform you about what type of girdle to use.

    Do not twist
    Do not iron
    Do not wash in washing machine
    Do not use bleach
    Do not use strong detergents
    Do not dry directly in the sun
    Dry in the shade
    Do not use dryer
    Do not dye