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YARU launches its new collection of sportswear, YARU Colombian Factory Sportswear Supplex Lycra Bodys has designed, manufactured and made more than 20 garments in the launch of this new line of sportswear.

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    YARU Colombian Factory Sportswear Supplex Lycra Bodys

    Due to the great demand of garments for sports, YARU manufactures in Cali Colombia, it has been proposed to design and make more than 20 exclusive designs in the launch of this line of sports garments.

    Available Inventory

    Remember that YARU has an “AVAILABLE INVENTORY” of Sportswear, you can choose mixed from this list, we can place your brand and send to your country:

    🚩Inventory Available – Sportswear: http://bit.ly/2MTOg1h

    Yaru services for the manufacture of sportswear

    Below we list the services we provide for the manufacture of sportswear:

    A. Custom label (Private Label – White Label)

    YARU makes sports clothes with your brand (logo) and for this there are two options:

    Satin label: It is a fragment of satin fabric of 25 mm X 5 mm, here your logo will be printed with lithographic technique to an ink (black), this label will be sewn on the inner part of each garment.

    Sublimated logo: In this option your logo can be sublimated on the garment, it can be included in the design or printed on the waistband of the garment.   

    Sportswear manufacturinghttps://www.pinterest.es/yarufajas/yaru-fabrica-colombiana-ropa-deportiva/  

    Products with your logo (brand):https://www.pinterest.es/yarufajas/yaru-productos-con-tu-logo/

    B. Existing designs

    YARU has at the moment the following designs (sublimated and fabrics) in force, these are assembled from 50 units, consult with one of our consultants the availability of these products (we have more products in our catalog # 3):

    Sublimated Leggins: https://goo.gl/photos/M8kzjBZ1GM85zcqcA

    Leggins supplex sublimated high control: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Fx8fifbeNL3Grkwj1

    Body supplex sublimated one piece: https://photos.app.goo.gl/vLQ94nbURbubmydg2

    Sublimated supplex short: https://photos.app.goo.gl/dszVsEIyB7bOdnei1

    Short supplex sublimated high control: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UzrdDAxXqisMqKLk2

    Leggins nylon power print: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hecz1eZB4OXbXcxp1

    Leggings Supplex Brazilian control medium: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DbaOesLJCeC7asY23

    C. Custom sublimates

    If you want your own sublimates (designs or crafts) on the garments, at least 100 units of each reference are made. You have the option of 5 designs and 20 garments for each design.

    Minimum packaging: 100 units

    Design variables (arts): 5

    Quantity of garments for each design: 20 units

    D. Manufacture of Sportswear

    Manufacture of sportswear in Brazilian supplex, nylon power and lycra, We make leggins, jumpsuits, shorts, Butt lift, dresses, blouses and divers ideal for physical activities at home or in the gym. These garments are made with industrial seams.

    The designs of the garments are based on the natural ergonomics of the body of women and men, to allow an excellent performance in the physical routines performed by the users of the garments.

    Advantages of the Supplex material

    Below we present the main characteristics of garments manufactured in Supplex:

    • Sweat perspiration.
    • It does not mark cellulite.
    • UV protection.
    • Antibacterial: prevents unpleasant odors derived from sweat.

    Sublimated Sports Supplex Leggings – Women

    These supplex pants are the most popular among women who go to the gym, who like to jog, run and perform physical activities at home, this is one of the most popular sportswear in Colombia, Latin America, the United States and Europe.

    See all designs here: https://goo.gl/photos/M8kzjBZ1GM85zcqcA

    YARU manufactures in Colombia Sportswear can make these garments with your logo, request our catalogs for entrepreneurs with wholesale prices.

    YARU Colombian Factory Sportswear Supplex Lycra Bodys, order catalogs with wholesale prices, YARU factory in Colombia exports to several countries such as Belgium, United States, Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Panama , Curacao, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Haiti, Jamaica, France, Italy, Portugal and Sweden among others.

    YARU exports sportswear through the companies DHL, Fedex, EMS 472, COPA COURIER, UPS and TNT, among others, such as SERVIENDREGA, DEPRISA, SUPERGIROS, INTERRAPIDISIMO.

    YARU Colombian Waist Trainers Factory of latex, neoprene, powernet and polyester girdles.

    YARU Colombian Factory of Sportswear in supplex, lycra, cotton and polyester.

    In summary, YARU Colombia sells sports leggings wholesale, is a wholesale sportswear manufacturer and ships to all countries by DHL and Copa Courier.
    It is a high quality Supplex sportswear wholesale company and has a personalized labeling service, with your brand or logo.