International Shipping DHL FEDEX Colombian Manufacturer YARU

YARU is a Colombian factory that for more than 10 years has been exporting products such as girdles, sportswear and swimwear to more than 15 countries.

We make international shipments mainly by DHL, Fedex and Copa Courier.

In some exceptional cases we make shipments by UPS, TNT or 4-72 (Colombian postal mail).

Here you can see the available inventory (stock), so you can choose the samples: STOCK

All shipments have “merchandise insurance”, which is already included in the quote and this insurance will only act in case of loss or damage to your merchandise in transit.

There are 2 types of international shipments:
Courier Method:
It is suggested to send merchandise that does not exceed 25 kilos per box, maximum 4 boxes per company or person, the boxes must be sent on different days.
Only in some countries the entrepreneur does not have to pay taxes when receiving the merchandise.

Loading method: It is suggested to send merchandise that exceeds 200 kilos, each box cannot exceed 25 kilos.
All merchandise is shipped with a single guide.
The entrepreneur must hire a broker (customs agent) in Colombia and another in the destination country. In all countries, the entrepreneur must pay taxes upon receipt of the merchandise.

In case you are interested in acquiring products with YARU, we suggest you contact an advisor via whatsapp.

Keep in mind that the shipping rates change every week, in the event that it takes you more than 3 days to make a decision to approve and pay the quote and invoice that YARU has sent to your email, then YARU will owe you re-quote the shipment to your destination country.