High Compression Colombian Shapewear Powernet with internal layer of Latex

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YARU lists here the High Compression Girdles that have a third layer in the waist area, for a better adjustment and molding of the figure:

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Advantages and Characteristics of Colombian High Compression Girdles

  1. They generally have three layers of fabric: 900-gram powernet, 400-gram latex, and internal polyester lycra lining.
  2. The shape of the girdle is designed to compress the waist area up to two sizes
  3. The buttocks area is heart-shaped with tweezers that push the muscles of the butt up for a total and gratifying enhancement.
  4. The seams for the union of the fragments that make up the mold are diagonal, thus exerting more pressure on the abdomen and waist
  5. They correct the posture of the back, the vertical seams that go down the back (sometimes in the shape of an X) and that join the trapezius with the lower back, cause the effect of pushing the back back, compressing the abdomen, lifting the buttocks and reduce the waist by its sides.

The engineering that YARU has invested in the design of this Colombian girdle has been arduous but satisfactory for thousands of businesswomen in different countries and for millions of women who now have a slimmer and more harmonious body.

Colombian girdles designed in their molds for high compression at the waist have significant advantages for those looking for an effective solution to shape and enhance their figure.

These girdles are designed to adapt perfectly to the female anatomy and have reinforcements in the abdominal area to provide adequate compression and achieve a reducing effect on the waist.

In addition, many of these girdles also include flexible rods in the waist area to offer greater support and a better fit.

Another important advantage of these girdles is that their in-mold design allows compression to be distributed evenly throughout the entire waist area, reducing the appearance of unwanted bulges and bulges.

In addition, many Colombian girdles with in-shape design also feature adjustable straps and front closures for a perfect fit and greater comfort.

In summary, Colombian girdles with a design in their molds for high compression at the waist offer an effective solution to mold and enhance the figure in a natural and comfortable way.

Its advantages, such as the uniform distribution of compression and its anatomical design, make these girdles an ideal option for those who seek a reducing effect in the abdominal area and a more stylized figure.