YARU is a Colombian girdles factory wholesale, markets and exports garments personal use to everyone. YARU COLOMBIAN WAIST TRAINER WHOLESALE is your best option for it is the best option for your new business or your company up, take advantage of our service “maquiladora”, where you will place your girdles the logo of your company or local sales requests at this moment the catalogs for wholesalers.

Mobile y WhatsApp:  +57 320 6648573  /  +57 3122525303 – Cali, Colombia

Email: info@yaru.co  /  Web: www.yaru.co

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    Here is our corporate video, where you can see a summary of our processes:

    YARU COLOMBIAN WAIST has the maquiladora (with your brand) service (complete textile package or full package), you garments manufactures unmarked from 30 units, and with your own brand from 50 units, this applies to certain products, please contact us. You would mark an ink printed on a label of 2.5 cm x 5 cm material “Satin”. We are wholesalers with catalogs of reducing Colombian girdles, and we have favorable rates for your business, contact us and see our news.

    Images YARU manufacture of Waisttrainers, Fajas, Shapewear & Sportswear: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8Qe6dxWo3sDmEgtw8

    Images YARU Export Office, Cali, Colombia: https://photos.app.goo.gl/sn1D5EZp6pWoyFBZA

    We provide the best service wholesale and retail all Colombia, we are a serious and responsible with all products offered and delivered to our clientele entity. We have the experience and reference of hundreds of companies in Cali, Valle and Colombia.

    We are a real company of Colombia, made and manufacture authentic waist trainer; our factory belts is constantly researching, designing, selling and exporting to worldwide reducing belts, girdles, sports belts, surgical strips post, strips post childbirth, waist trainer, waist cincher, waist trimmer, waist corset, waist shapers, waist belt and many more.

    Our product for years is the best Colombian waist, are already more than 500 entrepreneurs who have entrusted the assortment of your business to our line of waist cincher and waist trainer, because we are a manufacturers of high quality, responsible and serious when selling our belts wholesale.

    YARU COLOMBIAN WAIST TRAINER WHOLESALE comes concocting bands since 2005, his designs have evolved from the classic bands of latex exposed, through the latex strips 2, 3 and 4 rows of hooks. Now we have the experience of many years and are in the same category of the best factories strips of Colombia. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

    Our customers who bought belts retail and wholesale US cities was: USA, unitedstates, newyork, miami, san francisco, dallas, texas, olympia, montana, northdakota, oregon, sacramento, carson city, california, las vegas, nevada, los angeles, mexicali, arizona, phoenix, minnesota, southdakota, nebraska, iowa, wisconsin, michigan, toronto, chicago, new yersey, Montpelier, Pennsylvania, Annapolis, Hartford, Trenton, Dover, Virginia, Charleston, Kansas, Kentuchy, orlando, new orleands, alabama, florida, texas, oklahoma, topeka, tenessee, georgia, illinois, springfield, indiana, indianapolis, arkansas, lousiana, memphis, nashville, columbus

    Likewise our factory body shaper has had the privilege of making and exporting belts to other countries such as: Europe, Albania, Tirana, Andorra, Yerevan, Austria, Vienna, Azerbaijan, Baku, Belarus, Minsk, Bielorrusia, Belgium, Brussels, Bosnia, Sarajevo, Bulgaria, Sofia, Croatia, Zagreb, Cyrus, Nicosia, Chipre, CzechRepublic, Prague, Denmark, Copenhagen, Estonia, Tallinn, Helsinki, France, Paris, Georgia, Tbilsi, Germany, Berlin, Greece, Athens, Hungary, Budapest, Iceland, Reykjavík, Ireland, Dublin, Italy, Rome, Latvia, Riga, Liechtenstein, Vaduz, Lithuania, Vilnius, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Skopje, Malta, Valleta, Moldova, Chisinau, Monaco, Montenegro, Podgorica, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Norway, Oslo, Poland, Warsaw, Portugal, Lisbon, Romania, Bucharest, Russia, Moscow, San Marino, Serbia, Belgrade, Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovenia, Ljubljana, Spain, Madrid, ColombianWaist.com, Barcelona, Valencia, Sweden, Stockholm, Switzerland, Bern, Turkey, Ankara, Ukranie, Kiev, United Kingdom, UK, London, Vatican City and others.