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YARU manufactures girdles and sportswear is a company that since 1999 has been manufacturing and exporting thousands of products to hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs in more than 25 countries.

Contact us via whatsapp or email, in response we will send you the catalogs, with wholesale rates, with images and details.

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    📸Company images
    Fajas manufacturing: https://www.pinterest.es/yarufajas/yaru-fabrica-colombiana-de-fajas/

    Sportswear manufacturing: https://www.pinterest.es/yarufajas/yaru-fabrica-colombiana-ropa-deportiva/  

    Products with your logo (brand): https://www.pinterest.es/yarufajas/yaru-productos-con-tu-logo/

    International Shipping: https://www.pinterest.es/yarufajas/yaru-envios-internacionales/  
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    📸Product details photos

    See details of the belts: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MrJgtXttL3Dz2Dt63  

    See details of Sportswear: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jae8LQMYX3RhoQmW6

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    📣  More information about Waisttrainers: 

    📣  More information about Sportswear: 


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