Butt Lifter Shorts & Buttock Shapers Colombian Fajas

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Below you will find a list of Butt Lift Shorts and Buttock Shapers that YARU has designed for those women who want to enhance the beautiful attributes that the universe has given them:

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Characteristics, Uses and Advantages of Butt Lift Buttocks Shorts

The buttock lifter is a garment that fits perfectly to the female figure, shaping and lifting the buttocks. These cheek pads are made of powernet fabric, which gives them high compression and durability.

Some models include a silicone band at the bottom, preventing the garment from rolling up or slipping during use. Buttock lifters are an excellent option to wear under tight dresses, skirts and pants.

The buttock enhancement powernet shorts are a versatile and comfortable garment to enhance the buttocks.

These shorts are made of high-quality powernet fabric, which gives them ideal compression to shape and lift the buttocks. In addition, some models include a silicone band at the bottom, which prevents the garment from moving during use.

Buttock enhancement powernet shorts are a perfect garment to wear under any item of clothing, such as skirts, pants and dresses.

Both butt lifter shorts and butt lift powernet shorts offer a series of advantages to those who use them.

First of all, they shape and enhance the buttocks in a natural and discreet way.

Second, thanks to the powernet fabric, these products offer high compression that helps correct posture and reduce the appearance of cellulite on the legs.
Lastly, both garments are very comfortable to wear, making them a great choice for everyday wear or for special occasions.