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History of Waist Trainer

YARU Authentic Colombian Waist Wholesale invites you to enjoy the Waist of greater recognition in Colombia, South America, North America and Europe.

We remind you that YARU has labeled service (Colombian girdles with your logo and / or company brand or business), please contact us.

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    The Famous Waist

    The waistbands and latex vests are manufactured in our factories in Cali, Colombia and began to gain popularity due to various business and social events in Colombia, Panama, Chile, Mexico and the United States.

    Our factory YARU provides the service of “Private Label” and “White Label”.
    Also “Customized Designs” and personalized advice.

    Commercially thanks to the many free trade agreements that Colombia has signed with different countries, gave a big boost to the Colombian textile industry was then when multiple brands, local and shopping centers invested in the manufacture of high quality garments export type.

    Socially characters of world celebrity like Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose and the Colombian celebrity as Elianis Garrido, La Crespa Martinez, Melissa Mar, Vanessa Navarro and Manuela Gomez, began to wear girdles and upload photos in different social networks like instagram, facebook and pinterest, this helped a lot of its popularity and disclosure by all means.

    Benefits latex girdles

    Many people wonder what were the reasons why the Waist are now so popular, if these have been used since medieval times and even a little before, formerly called Corsets, as previously used for notching the most waists of ” French maids”, and what are the advantages or benefits of using Colombian girdles?

    Modern bands have an internal cover in cotton which allows the garment can be used for many more hours and so avoid direct contact with latex, skin no longer is subjected to friction with soft rubber to avoid burns.

    Fajas Colombianas or Colombian Waist Trainer or as they call it in the United States, Canada and European countries, have different motives and exterior designs, thanks to its Lycra outer layer.

    Sports Latex Girdle

    The designs go through sport, which correspond to flat colors like black, fuchsia, green, yellow, red, blue, purple and beige.

    Animal Print Waist

    Its design is patterned to resemble leopard skin, tiger, jaguar and zebra, and with different colors like fuchsia, purple and magenta.

    Pop Latex Waist

    With prints of famous women like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and characters of Marvel Worldwide Inc. as Hulk, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Green Lantern, Spider-Man and the Fantastic 4 among other characters.

    Exclusive Designs Latex Waist

    The characteristics of these bands is performed in a few units, as demand for them is lower, their prints are varied as: Rainbow, Camouflage, Metallic, Enamel, Satin, Pearly and Candied.

    Features Shapewear

    Latex girdles have had a rewarding evolution the last 4 years, these are classified can be classified into several categories:

    Materials: The main component of the strips is latex, was formerly thicker and rustic, but is now more docile and its weight has improved to match the mobility of men and women who use it, in addition to that now girdles have a inner cover 100% Colombian cotton which acts as a skin protectant against latex.

    Thus the Waist Trainer of today can be used for longer, either to go to the gym or casual wear, cotton is here to stay, and provide that extra that the Colombian strips needed.

    The external lycra, is to blame for that today there are many designs because this our technicians at the factory can translate any idea that comes to mind or even think.

    At present, the production line is working with satín, it will be the latest in the fashion of the Colombian girdles.

    Lines Hooks: Initially, the strips were only a row of hooks, strips were constructed as far as their production was artisanal, then was evolved at 2, 3 and 4 rows, plus closures and clasps. Another important detail is that the hooks are made of stainless steel in addition to being sewn, are cured at high temperature and at a pressure of 200 kgrs.

    It was a from the 80s its mass began to grow at an industrial level, and this is how today YARU is one of the factories in the southwest of Colombia with more renowned and manufactures the most innovative bands in latex, neoprene, powernet, polyester and spandex.

    Seams: With the rise and demand for thousands, girdles went through many changes to resist pressures to which they would be subjected, so the flat machines were renovated to meet the highest standards of European quality and make the strips with simple chain stitch seams, double stitching, simple chain stitch, overlock stitch and stitch coater.

    In the overseas market USA and Europe, the strips were baptized with the names: Colombian Waist Trainer, Waist Cincher, Waist Shapers, Waist Corset and Slimmer Waist.

    Sheets Molders: Before alone corsets had called “rods”, which were sheets of iron from 2 to 3 mm thick hiban vertically on the inside of the clothes today are called “sheets” thickness will from 1 mm to 1.5 mm and are and stainless steel (in mass chromium content 12%) or polyethylene (PE-LD), depending on the type of belt and design.

    YARU Colombian Waist Trainer Manufacture Latex Powernet

    If you are interested in starting your Waist Trainer Business, We recommend YARU Colombian Waist Trainer Manufacturer for the big amounts, the exportation of the trade with your brand.

    Here is the information of YARU Colombian Waist Trainer Manufacture:

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    YARU Colombian Waist Trainer Manufacture Latex Powernet

    There are more than 100 entrepreneurs in Colombia, South America, North America and Europe who have started their own business of Colombian girdles.

    Our factory YARU provides the service of “Private Label” and “White Label”.
    Also “Customized Designs” and personalized advice.

    Here’s how to get started in the world of girdles.

    How to start your own business in Colombia?

    Read carefully the steps that have taken several entrepreneurs, is the experience YARU has compiled in the last 9 years:

    Have an excellent provider

    YARU offers the service of manufacture of strips of latex, neoprene (powernet), polyester and nylon.

    During the last years all the strips have been improving in the gauges (thicknesses) of the materials, the types of seams (industrial flat machines), the designs (ergonomics and sizing), the colors and textures.

    YARU has 3 catalogs in PDF format, in them you will find the images, the descriptions, the rates in Colombian pesos and American dollars (to guide those who do not know the Colombian currency).

    Request the catalogs via email or whatsapp.

    Know the quality of the product

    If the employer has never marketed girdles, it is recommended that he be advised by telephone or whatsapp, so that he can know all the technical details of the garments.

    It is also recommended that the entrepreneur acquires 1 (one) sample of each of the references of the strips of interest, thus know the quality of the product first hand.

    Know the processes of import or export

    When a number of girdles is less than 60 kilos it is known as “courier type” shipping, when the number of girdles is greater than 60 kilos is “cargo type”.

    Most countries charge taxes for the entry or exit of textiles, except for tax havens, which, although they are charged, are very small.

    Waist Trainer with your brand or logo (service of makeup of girdles)

    YARU also provides the service of making strips with the logo of your company or with any mark that has your commercial establishment.

    YARU has established this service for entrepreneurs to create and boost their own brand.

    All bags in the girdles have plastic hooks, these bags can be hung and protect the garment from dust, moisture and short sharp objects.

    YARU provides the service of design and printing of covers so that the strips are personalized with the corporate image of your company.

    Export of belts to the whole world

    YARU has exported over the last 8 years to several continents, among the countries where most are the entrepreneurs who purchase wholesale Colombian belts are:


    United States
    Dominican Republic

    Contact us and request our catalogs with wholesale rates, there you will find the descriptions, photos, weights and prices.

    What are the best selling Colombian girdles in the world?

    Over the years, our YARU girdle factory has been concerned with making high quality export girdles and among the more than 50 references, the following have been highlighted:


    This girdle reference is one of the most used by women, this girdle is manufactured in several versions, references and colors.

    This girdle also has a variable which are its outer patterns and the number of rows of hooks, which are the possibilities with which the user can readjust the girdle to his body.


    This vest is very striking because it covers areas that the belt does not reach, this vest also we made in several references, animal print, sport, skin color, exposed latex, and various prints as musical groups and artists of different ages .


    This is one of the favorite stripes for lovers of sports activities, it is ideal for those who go to the gym, go jogging or exercise at home.

    See here more information of the Belt Xtreme Latex Belt.


    This belt is designed with a very practical system that is composed of side bands that allow the belt to fit easily to the waist, which mold and compress.

    It has been one of the favorite garments of Latin women in the last three years, but certainly the Colombian women.


    This belt is one of the most resistant and striking, its finishes, its colors and its wrap around the waist of the women is surprising.

    This garment can be used without any problem for men and women, YARU usually manufactures this belt in black and black with magenta.

    YARU is one of the best factories of customized strips in Colombia, its quality, its services, its designs, its innovations, its guarantee in the manufacture, maquillaje and export, make of this company one of the most fructipheres in the city of Cali in Colombia.

    Catalogues YARU Waist Trainer SportsWear Colombian Manufacturer

    YARU has designed several catalogs for wholesalers of belts, Fajas, Waisttrainers and Sportswear of Colombian Manufacture, where all the products are found, in them you will find the image of the product, the name, a brief description in Spanish and English, an alpha numeric code, tariffs in Colombian Pesos (COP) and in American Dollars (USD).

    Catalogs Colombian Factory of Shapewear and Sportswear

    Mobile y WhatsApp:  +57 320 6648573  /  +57 3122525303 – Cali, Colombia

    Email:  /  Web:

    To acquire our catalogs you must write us in the following form:

      Contents of the Catalogs:
      Catalog 1: Latex, Neoprene and Polyester girdles.
      Catalog 2: Powernet, Polyamide and Flannel girdles.
      Catalog 3: Sportswear, fabrics: Supplex, Morelo, Lycra, Nylon power, Pacific and Brasilian Supplex.
      You will receive a link to our Dropbox account, where all the catalogs are in PDF format, you will also find different images that explain the production processes.

      The catalogs are in PDF format, they are all products, with names, reference codes, images and details:

      If you want to know more details about the manufacturing process, tailoring and sublimation of sportswear, visit this link: Clothing Sportswear

      For more information about the production of belts, go to the following page: Manufacturing of Waisttrainer

      Grammage of materials latex and Powernet strips:

      Flannel: 93% Cotton and 7% Spandex
      Lycra: 78% Polyester and 22% Spandex
      Stainless steel

      Belts in Powernet (80% Nylon 20% Spandex)
      50% elongation, 99.8% recovery

      Latex girdles, waistbands and waistcoats:
      70% latex, 18% steel and 12% cotton